Core Priorities 2017 - 2018

"Teaching at the point of enablement"
To support pupil and staff well being, through collaborative working and the development of policy and practice within the school and health environments, ensuring that mental health needs across the school are met.
To improve staff awareness and understanding of pupils visual and CVI difficulties in the ASD population, and explore how they can be supported through health and educational approaches.
To further develop our knowledge of the wider needs of Willow Dene families, so that we can build a holistic provision that supports them in getting the best outcomes for their children, in all areas of their lives.
To develop a creative, responsive key stage 4 curriculum, which builds on the key stage 3 curriculum model, maximises individual strengths and meets statutory requirements.
To ensure that adults (at all levels and in all contexts) are empowered to become expert practitioners through appropriate, wide-ranging and high-quality professional development opportunities.
To enrich the use of outside spaces as learning resources and develop opportunities for learning in the community, in order to enhance pupil progress and outcomes.
To identify data sources which are currently under-utilised, and incorporate their scrutiny into Willow Dene's annual data analyses and reporting cycle, to further enhance the use of data in supporting school improvement and development.