Core Priorities 2016 - 2017

"Teaching at the point of enablement"
To enhance outcomes for children with cerebral visual impairment (CVI) through strengthening partnerships with diagnosis services and staff professional skills in recognising how CVI presents leading to best provision and practice.
To establish Willow Dene secondary provision at Oakmere Road ensuring that the standard of teaching, provision, curriculum and learning environments are exemplary and complimented by the smooth day to day running of the school.
To extend work with parents, in order to develop their knowledge and understanding of how children learn so that they are empowered to support their child to generalise and transfer learning between home and school.
To improve children's mental wellbeing by developing their ability to identify, communicate about and regulate their emotions through the implementation of the SCERTS framework.
To make sure reflective process and practice has positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning.
To develop understanding and practice of how music facilitates and enhances holistic learning, and is embedded within practice.
To develop the roles of all staff to improve quality and consistency of monitoring, leading to a moderated 360° perspective of wider provision, practice and outcomes.