Core Priorities 2018 - 2019

"Teaching at the point of enablement"
To develop meaningful links between parents to create a culture of self-help and empowerment.
To develop effective systems, strategies and collaborative working to support and safeguard the well-being of Willow Dene children and families out of school hours.
To develop Willow Dene as an environmentally responsible school by planning learning and funding opportunities that encourage eco-friendly and sustainable living.
To enrich the use of digital technologies as learning resources and to improve the efficiency of work flows, while maintaining financial sustainability.
To enhance outcomes for children and contribute to wider professional knowledge through a research focused approach to pedagogy which promotes existing exemplary practice and innovative approaches to learning.
To enhance and develop opportunities for exercise in order to improve children's physical development and well-being.
To explore and develop understanding of the challenges faced by our children and families during adolescence and identify and facilitate support mechanisms to overcome these.