How will we measure the progress of your child in school and how will I know about this?

  • At Willow Dene we have our own assessment system. It is called ‘Learning journeys’. When a child starts at Willow Dene he/she is given a baseline assessment using this assessment system. Once the base-line has been established, all subsequent progress that children make is recorded using the LJ framework. We summarise progress at the end of each term and use information we have gathered to set new targets. We will share this information with you.
  • All children have an Annual Review meeting to which parents are invited. The class teacher will write a report about how your child has progressed over the last year and will also write about progress made towards meeting the annual review objectives that were set at the previous review. At this meeting we work in partnership with parents to set targets for the coming year.
  • All children have PLP’s written by the class teacher. These are based on the annual review targets broken down into small steps. They are reviewed every term and new ones set. At the end of each school term, the evaluation summaries are sent home to parents along with new targets set for the coming.
  • Annual review meetings can be used to review the suitability of the child’s place at Willow Dene