How will we support your child when they are making significant transitions?

We recognise that transitions can be a challenge for our children and we take steps to ensure that every transition is a smooth and as positive an experience as possible.

Moving classes

  • Information will be passed on to the new class teacher IN ADVANCE and planning meeting will take place with the new teacher.
  • All PLP’s, files and information will be shared with the new teacher.
  • Your child’s new teacher will visit their current classroom.
  • Where possible your child will spend time in their new class before they move classes.


Dual placements

  • Sometimes our children have dual placements between Willow Dene and a local mainstream primary school. These transitions will be supported by a member of Willow Dene Staff for the duration of the placement – usually for ½ a term.


Transition to secondary school

  • Where possible a teacher from your child’s new secondary school will visit them in the Willow Dene setting.
  • Where ever it is possible a teacher for the receiving school will attend your child’s year 6 annual review meeting to introduce themselves to you and share information.
  • We will make sure that all records about your child are passed on in advance of their arrival.
  • We offer a range of transition programmes depending on the needs of the child and the school to which they are transitioning.