Topics, Themes and Curriculum Coverage

We recognise that children at Willow Dene have specific, diverse and individual needs and our curriculum aims to reflect and meet these. Our ultimate goal is that the children are enabled to be active learners who are moving towards independence, autonomy, control and choice, as well as learning to effectively communicate their needs, wants, and opinions. The curriculum is built around the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and meeting children’s individual learning needs and priorities, with all children accessing both core and foundation subjects, delivered at an appropriate level, and in a style suited to their individual needs and abilities.

Our approach to topics ensures that we plan appropriate learning for children working at early development, emergent, and basic concept levels. In 2019- 20 as part of our curriculum Core Priority, our approach to topics has evolved. Please view the attachment for more information including this year’s Topics, Themes and Curriculum Coverage analysis that informs learning for this academic year.