PE And Sports Premium

Sport and increased physical activity have long been recognised as important areas to promote through education and beyond. Physical activity and playing sports is beneficial for the health of individuals but also has the capacity to bring communities together. The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics created increased excitement about sport and inspired many to take up and participate in activities they had never tried before. The government recognises the importance of maintaining that interest and ensuring that the legacy of the Games continues, and are therefore investing £450 million through the PE and Sport Premium. Since 2013 primary schools have been entitled to this funding in order to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer.

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Physical development, which includes PE, swimming, MOVE and Sensory Processing work is vital to the children at Willow Dene. Through participation in PE, our children develop their motor skills and learn how to control their bodies in different and more refined ways, through personalised and engaging activities. They also acquire key values such as respect, co-operation and kindness. Our facilities are highly specialised and have been chosen to meet the wide variety of needs our children have. The PE and Sports Premium has meant that we are able to invest in specific areas we would like to develop as a school that will have long term effects on the health, well-being, learning and development of our children.

In order to assess the impact of the PE and Sports Premium we are able to reference pupil attainment using our Learning Journey assessment system, as well as through our Annual Reviews, MOVE assessments and discussions with staff and parents. We are then able to see if there are specific areas that children need to develop and if there are trends throughout the school.

Year 2014-15

We received approximately £8,500 in PE and Sports Premium Funding.

Last year we invested our Sports Premium money in equipping our new swimming pool with personalised floatation devices themed resources. Lessons involve a unique, innovative approach and are adapted to ensure suitability for all ages and abilities. A range of floatation devices have been purchased which enable all children to have access to the water and increased independence. Money was also invested into creating a seating area at the entrance to the pool, which offers opportunities to develop independence and self-care skills. Children also now receive swimming certificates and badges for their achievements to show them and their parents what progress they are making.

There is more information on our swimming provision here. (Link to the swimming page on the website)


What has been the impact and how will we ensure that it will be sustainable?

As a result of the themed swimming equipment, the children are engaged and eager to participate as soon as they enter the pool area. The lessons are exciting and varied, using a wide range of resources that meet the needs of our children. The children develop their swimming skills through using interesting and stimulating resources that have been chosen to be durable and re-usable.  

All children are able to access swimming lessons through the range of personalised floatation devises we have purchased. As a result of using these, children have been able to develop their mobility skills and have had the opportunity to experience a greater sense of freedom in the water. For some of our children, being in the water with a floatation device is the one time they feel weightless and physically free.

Year 2015-16

We received approximately £8500 in PE and Sports Premium Funding.

How we invested the money

The impact on the children’s PE and sport participation and attainment

- We resourced and developed gymnastic equipment for both school halls including buying and installing wall apparatus and attachments, trestle tables and lightweight gymnastic mats.


- We sustained a wide range of opportunities for children on the MOVE programme to learn, practise and develop motor milestones through a range of differentiated gymnastic opportunities. This includes suspended equipment which can be used in conjunction with our hall apparatus.


  • Apparatus – approx. £6073.00
  • Equipment – approx. £1235.20


Children are able to participate in gymnastic activities that we were previously not able to offer. The apparatus has various attachments to make it accessible to children of all levels and needs. All children are able to explore movement and their bodies in a greater variety of ways.


Staff know how to use the apparatus and are better able to plan more creative and varied lessons.

- We continued the London Olympic and Paralympic legacy at Willow Dene increasing confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport, through securing the opportunity for children to take part in sports, including through football coaching:


  • Approx. £336


Pupils and staff developed their skills in football through having training from the Charlton Athletic Trust. The confidence of staff to teach football skills has improved.

- We purchased equipment to broaden the experience of a range of sports and activities to be offered to all including dance and athletics equipment:


  • Approx. £902.88


A wider range of resources is now available including dance and athletics equipment. This has enabled children to take part in a wider variety of activities and inspired interests that will hopefully be long lasting.


How will we ensure that the impact is sustainable?

The equipment that we purchased is all durable and long lasting, including the gymnastic apparatus and equipment. Storage has also been purchased to ensure that equipment is accessible and well preserved.

The confidence of staff in teaching football and the associated skills has improved as a result of the Charlton Training and this has been disseminated through staff.

A wider range of resources means that staff are able to be more creative in their planning and teaching, and be able to offer activities that are not currently available, including dance and athletics activities.

Year 2016-17

We will receive £8,770 in PE and Sports Premium Funding.

How we plan to invest the money

The intended impact on the children’s PE and sport participation and attainment

- To continue to invest in outside coaches to increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of our staff to teach a range of activities.



  • Movement works, dance – Approx. £5,500
  • Approx. £350 – Charlton Athletic Trust
  • Approx. £1,000 – Coaching in new sports e.g. athletics


Children, students and staff to develop their skills in a wider range of sports and activities including dance and football, through having training from outside coaches. The confidence of staff to teach these skills will improve.

- To continue to invest in a wide range of accessible equipment to give all children and students access to a broader range of physical activities.


  • Approx - £1500.00


Children and students will continue to have a rich source of accessible, sustainable and durable equipment with which to explore a wide range of movements, activities and games.


Staff will have the resources they need in order to deliver engaging, inspiring and individually appropriate lessons.


- To increase the opportunities for children to take part in competitive sport, both within and outside school.

-    Approx. £300

Children and students to be given increased opportunities to take part in competitive sports both inside and outside school. This will enable students to develop a sense of team work, build self-esteem and develop resilience. 



How will we ensure that the impact will be sustainable?

- Durable and long lasting equipment to be purchased, with appropriate storage to ensure it is accessible and well preserved

- A wider range of resources will mean a wider range of activities that are able to be taught

- Coaches to work with a range of classes to ensure skills are disseminated throughout both schools

- Children and students to have increased opportunities to take part in competitive sports, increasing staff confidence and developing students experiences of sport in the wider community