Exciting news for Move at Willow Dene...

On January 10th 2017, Willow Dene welcomed Enham Trust’s Move accreditation team to look at Move across both sites. The accreditation team looked through our extensive evidence of achievements, individual and personal programmes, reviews, Move class culture, data, training, Aqua move and how Move is integrated across the school and in all areas.

Although we have yet to receive the official report, we have been informed that we have retained our Move Centre of Excellence and we will continue to hold the Move Quality Mark.

Some of the feedback we received at the end of the day included high praise for the Move learning opportunities that the school provides for the children in all environments, the fantastic living spaces at Oakmere Road in which children can develop skills that they can easily use at home and the innovation of the gyms on both sites.

The Enham Trust Move accreditation team were extremely impressed with how passionate the Move Team are about Move at Willow Dene and how eager they are in sharing the children’s successes, no matter how small.

We continue to use Twitter to celebrate our children’s achievements and champion the Move ethos. We are consistently receiving lots of retweets and likes as our presence on social media grows. Have a look at all our work at @WillowDeneSch on Twitter!

Well done to all of our children on Move programmes and our Move team for such a fantastic achievement! We look forward to sharing the full report with you all on the near future.