ACE Project

On Tuesday 13th March a group of our Secondary school children took part in their first ACE meeting.

The ACE Board is a group of young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities who meet to share views on council services in order to improve quality and outcomes for children and young people with SEND.

Our session began with a game followed by an introduction to what ACE is and what that would mean for our children. We agreed on a day that we would meet every month, a time and a meeting place.

Then we got down to business. Our agenda for day 1 was an upcoming Greenwich Fun Day, which Greenwich had asked ACE groups to help organise. ACE groups from other schools in Greenwich had begun discussing what they would like to see at the Fun Day. We will be discussing this and adding our ideas to the existing suggestions in our next meeting, but for our first session we had the chance to get creative! One of the other ACE groups had suggested creating and selling paintings at the Greenwich Fun Day, so for our first session we designed our own canvas’ which would be sold on the day. The theme for our canvas’ was ‘Growing up in Greenwich’ and we used photos of landmarks and things to do in Greenwich to inspire our artwork.


Look out for more details on the Greenwich Fun Day coming soon for the chance to purchase some of the artwork created!