Presenting at the University of Greenwich

We like to get and out and about, meet new people and join new professional networks.  You will see a lot of evidence of this on our twitter feed.  This is important for us to because it helps us both keep abreast of and become part of local and national positive developments.  This keeps us growing and changing as a school and also raises our public profile.  This in turn means that more people outside our immediate community know about the exciting things happening at Willow Dene.  We were delighted to be asked to speak at the University of Greenwich on Monday 30th April as part of a presentation by The Compass Partnership of Schools.  University of Greenwich Initial Teacher Education Partnership were hosting the event.  They are an organisation who aim to develop lifelong learning in teachers and lecturers, therefore impacting positively on the lives of learners.  We were asked to talk about the impact of research in schools.  John Camp opened the session by talking about why research is important in the schools of today.  Ross Silcock from Wingfield School talked about some of the research and innovation that the team at Wingfield have been involved in and the positive impact of this.  We have a lot to share about research and innovation at Willow Dene! Rachel talked about how the school has changed and developed since 2011 and some of the research projects that have taken place which have changed our practice, provision and mind-set.  We also talked about the positive culture at Willow Dene which is enabling us to be innovative and how and why our staff commit so much to this way of working.  Research and development is so important to a school like Willow Dene because our learners are so unique and it is important that we are continually finding new and innovative ways for them to succeed. All of our presentations were well received and we got a lot of interest via social media after the event.