Move Day: Move at the Circus

On the 22nd May Willow Dene held their annual Move Day where we celebrate all the children who are on The Move Programme and their achievements. The Move Team and classes came up with ideas for how to turn our specialist areas into circus themed activities.

Our large hall was transformed in to a Big Top using a parachute to feel as if we were under a big tent. The activities in the hall included circus arts and crafts, a ring toss game, circus themed sensory trays and hoops of fire that children could crawl through or throw stuffed circus animals through.

Our foundation halls used the AKKA Platform as a clown car that was decorated with balloons and the children had lots of fun driving themselves around the track. There were also beanbag target games as well as strong man lifting and pulling activities and walking the tightrope.

Our large ball pool and soft play area became the clown school where children could practice their rolling, jumping, sliding and bouncing skills as well as knocking over a giant soft clown or have a clown selfie.

We explored cause and effect together with movement while investigating circus music and animals on the floor with our magic carpet and outside we had a great time using shaving foam to splat photos of our teachers and leadership team as well as a giant game of skittles.

The Swimming Team also got on board and had circus filled lessons throughout the day where there were strong man competitions, dunk the clown and rubber ring toss games. There was lots of splashing and laughing at the clown antics before she was splatted and fell into the water!

Our Sensory Processing Coordinator held Zippo’s Kitchen Circus sessions where the children used a variety of different foods to create clown faces, such as spaghetti hair, jelly cheeks, whipped cream faces and ice cream cone noses.

Throughout the day children were practicing their movement skills in their gait trainers, standing slings, out on the floor, bench or chair sitting. They were showing their skills in head and trunk control, arm and leg movement and all sorts of skills and movements in between.

Everyone had lots of fun at the circus and we are looking forward to next year’s Move Day!