2016/17 Feedback

Anak Sri, Witsanu Kumthornthip and Thailand Team - July 2017

"Your school is so superb! Great to visit and open my vision of how to help the children to improve their abilities and quality of life."


Sarah Stewart, Montbelle School - June 2017

"Thank you for the tour. Your expertise and passion for the school was inspirational. My Jaw was agape walking around. What a truly magical and special place. The child is so clearly at the heart of everything."


Royal Greenwich CWD Keyworker visit –  April 2017

Dawn Annett – Had a fantastic tour of the building by Mark. Really impressed with resources but even more impressed by the children and the relaxed fun activities they were participating in. Well done Dormouse class!

Sue Ginns – What a wonderful place. So good to see young people achieving and having fun. Thank you.

Lisa Titcome -  Had a wonderful afternoon spent with the children and Josh. Very happy and relaxed atmosphere. Also thanks to Mark for the tour and making us all very welcome.

Marion Payne – I agree with all of the above, thanks to all of the staff and young people. The lounge and kitchen were great to watch joint working amongst pupils!

Miriam Leggett – I would like to thank the staff for making us so welcome and thanks to Mark for the tour. What an amazing and inspirational afternoon, Learning is definitely fun and achievable for all!


Emma McMahon, Kings Nursing student - March 2017

"I was truly inspired by the way that you and all the teaching assistants care for and educate the children and truly see them as individuals full of potential.  We learn a lot about ‘holistic’ and ‘person centred’ care on the course and it was very inspiring to see the way this is in place in class and across the school"


Jo Atkins, Improvement Partner (excerpts from report) – December 2016

"All children make good or outstanding progress at Willow Dene.  School leaders have worked hard to develop their innovative assessment system to track progress via a range of assessment measures.

School leaders can evidence that there are no gaps between groups of learners and the school is highly effective at reducing the impact of multiple barriers to learning that children at Willow Dene face.  Their provision focuses specifically on addressing these.

Progress meetings are a part of a strategic approach to identify and take measure to address issues when any child is at risk of underachieving.

Teaching is highly effective across the school and school leaders can evidence this through their precise and thorough monitoring.

During the learning walk the IP was able to see children fully engaged in their learning in a variety of contexts. Opportunities for independence were evident throughout the school.  All the children demonstrated good attitudes to learning and they were motivated, focused and clearly enjoying what they were doing.

Leaders and Governors have high expectations and aspirations.  Distributed leadership allows leaders at all levels to be accountable, to lead change and to gain leadership experience.   Working collaboratively with therapists and other health professionals at a strategic level ensures innovative provision resulting in high impact outcomes for children.

Use of research and innovation to inform and extend practice drives standards of teaching forward and gives children increased opportunities to develop and make progress.

The SEF continues to be reviewed and updated rigorously.  The school judges itself as continuing to be outstanding in all areas.  The SEF provides a strong argument to support the outstanding judgements."


Principal Sarah Roil  from Kowhai Special School – Hastings, New Zealand – September 2016

“Thank you so much to you and your staff for welcoming us into your amazing school. It's a shame we didn't get to meet with the students but we learnt so much and came out buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm. We really appreciate your time and generosity in sharing your assessment practice and how you have made this work for all of your students to celebrate their progress.”