Challenge Partners Virtual Leadership Quality Assurance Review

The Challenge Partners multi-academy Trust Peer Review (TPR) enables development and improvement in host Trusts through challenge and collaboration, helping Schools combine their wisdom and share great practice. It provides reviewers with unique insights to support their own Trust’s development, and helps share knowledge about what works across the education system so all can benefit. Led by an independent expert over three-days, the external review team works with host Trust leaders to build a picture of how school improvement operates across the trust and the impact it is having. This informs professional dialogue about strengths, areas for development and next steps, which are captured in a written report. There is also the opportunity for the host Trust to harness the expertise of their peers to explore a particular challenge they are facing and identify ways forward. 

Although, to adapt to the disruption of the pandemic this year, in March 2021 we were able to take part in a Virtual Leadership Quality Assurance Review with a particular focus on leadership at all levels. Our Outstanding Report can be found on our website now.