Jack Petchey Awards

Jack Petchey Awards 2021

On Thursday 30th September 2021 we attended the much-anticipated Jack Petchey Awards for 2021. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event was held virtually, but that did not deter us from getting into the spirit of things!

Staff, children, and their families gathered with excitement around their screens to watch live as the winners of this years Jack Petchey Awards for Willow Dene were announced.

This year we had two winners from KS3! These two winners were chosen from a shortlist of nominations from Willow Dene.

Our first winner, from Woodlark Class, was nominated for his love of the outdoors and the work that he has done to create a wonderful outside space on the classroom balcony. He has also been working alongside our Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator, developing his own interests further whilst collecting resources to bring back to Woodlark balcony. He was inspired by literature such as ‘Plant the Tiny Seed’ by Christie Matheson, which inspired him to plant his own seeds.

With the grant won for the Jack Petchey Award, our winner shopped for a range of plants, seeds, pots and other resources to share with his peers in Dormouse and Hedgehog class, so that they could share his interest and develop their own growing areas. The fruits of his labour were greatly rewarded! In the summer term, our winner was able to pick the tomatoes that he had grown and create his very own delicious tomato chutney. What an achievement!

Our second winner, from Squirrel class was nominated for his fantastic progress with his fine motor skills and writing. Despite initially being reluctant to write, he worked hard and continued to try his very best. Through this determination he has made significant improvement in his writing which has made his class team exceptionally proud. Our winner also trialled a range of pencil grips and writing implements to improve his writing, he did this with resilience and enthusiasm. With the awarded Jack Petchey grant, our winner used this to buy more fine motor resources, pencil grips and other writing resources to be shared with his peers across our secondary site, so that they too can develop their writing skills. A very worthy winner!

Willow Dene is a place where all of our children continually achieve whilst overcoming great barriers. The Jack Petchey Awards is a fantastic opportunity to recognise and celebrate just a small selection of these achievements. We are incredibly proud of our winners, well done!