Young London Print Prize at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2021

Young London Print Prize at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2021 


Chaffinch, Goldcrest and Bunting were thrilled to participate in Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair’s workshops at Willow Dene this month.  


Visiting artists came to Swingate Lane to show us how to make our very own Mono Prints, which we have submitted to the Young London Print Prize! 


Everyone was captivated by the three step process: 


First we rolled printing ink onto an acetate sheet (the ink made some fascinating sounds and was very satisfying to roll!).  


Then we used a lolly stick to apply thicker blots of ink onto the same acetate to create unique shapes and designs. We pressed the sheet onto our blank paper using a clean roller. We carefully removed the acetate to reveal the first layer of our print!  


Finally, we enjoyed scrunching up newspaper to rub the excess ink off our acetate and create textures - scratch, wipe, scrub!  We gently placed the printed paper back onto the acetate sheet, face down. Using a pencil, we drew our own marks and patterns. As if by magic, when we removed the paper from the acetate sheet, our final print was complete! 


We were all very proud of the artwork we made and look forward to visiting the Young London Print Prize at Woolwich Works in November to see artwork from schools across London!