The Apple iPad is fast becoming one of the most popular learning interfaces in our school. It's easy to use touch screen, rugged construction and our cherry-picked selection of apps, make it the perfect tool for many of our children to access technology. Each class has its own iPad Air and we have sets of iPad 2s across both sites, which can be booked by classes for use during the school day. They come with a variety of protective cases to suit a wide range of needs.

The ICT Team have selected a set of apps for use with the children. These range from popular books to interactive puzzles, fun image-editing apps to communication aids. The set also include problem solving, creative apps, and apps on topics such as Maths and Literacy. We have many sensory apps which support children’s understanding of basic cause and effect, as well as providing relaxing and soothing content. There are also lots of great apps which support creativity in music, sound and art.

Alongside the core app collection, teachers carefully research and select specific apps, which will support learning in the half termly topic or a targeted area of learning for individual children. These are continually updated.