The Physiotherapy Team here at school provides a service to children who have difficulties with gross motor skills limiting their functional independence.

The team provides an innovative and dynamic service, working in partnership with all members of the school community. It is centred on the needs of the child, thereby maximising the ability of the individual, and enabling them to reach their full potential.

We assess, review, provide treatment, physiotherapy programs, equipment and orthosis’ for children that require them.

The aims of the physiotherapy team are: 

  • To offer skilled assessment and treatment by specialist physiotherapists.
  • To work closely with MOVE to develop functional programs to help maximize the child’s level of functional independence.
  • To have mutually agreed goals with the wider school team that are a reflection of the child’s individual needs.
  • To provide a package of care that meets the child’s clinical need.
  • To contribute to 24hr postural management.
  • To regularly communicate with families.
  • To regularly use outcome measures to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment.
  • To manage a child’s orthotics need appropriately.
  • To provide advice and education to staff and family that assist in meeting the child’s physiotherapy requirements.

From 2016, Willow Dene has entered into a 3 year service level agreement with the Physiotherapy team, to secure additional time from our Principal Physiotherapist.  This will allow further investment into personalisation, innovation and research within the school.  It will also develop and re-enforce our current core provision.

If you have any concerns or need advice please contact us:

  • Calling us directly on 020 8316 8021  Physiotherapy Phone at Willow Dene or at Goldie Leigh 020 8311 5419.
  • Write in the home contact book.
  • Leave a message with the class teacher.