Sensory Circuits

Sensory circuits are set up in two main rooms across the school, in individual class rooms and outside. All circuits contain trampettes, spinners, rockers, therapy balls, mats, weighted blankets, stepping stones and hurdles. The main focus for sensory circuits is the activities and equipment that promotes alerting, organising and calming.

Sensory circuits are part of the children’s daily routine. By alerting their bodies and brains, the children improve their concentration, focus, organisation and communication. Through the use of sensory circuits during the day at regular times, the children will feel ready to learn and will have a greater knowledge and understanding of themselves and their environment.

We also have some great gym equipment to help improve

  • Gross motor skills
  • Co-ordination and balance
  • Organisation and motor planning

Have a look at some great photos of the children having lots of fun during sensory circuits.