Willow Dene Home School Agreement

At Willow Dene we believe that all children will learn better if home and school work together in partnership.  To achieve this aim and to support our Home School Agreement:


The School:

 We, both as individual staff and as a whole school, will:

  •    Set challenging targets and support children so that they all achieve their full potential;
  •    Provide a balanced, interesting and appropriate curriculum which meets the needs of individual children;
  •    Keep parents informed about children’s learning and progress through meetings, reports, letters,  home school contact books, telephone calls and electronic communication;
  •    Contact parents promptly if there is a concern or problem;
  •    Operate a policy of positive behaviour management which supports pupil learning and celebrates success;
  •    Provide a warm, welcoming, safe and caring environment in which everyone feels value – children, parents and staff;
  •    Recognise, respect and celebrate the diversity of our children;
  •    Will facilitate a dialogue between the school and family;
  •    To develop a mutually supportive relationship.


The Family:

We ask that parents and carers:

  • Support the school’s ethos, aims and values;
  • Let the school know of any concerns or problems which might affect their child’s behaviour or learning;
  • Let the school know when and why their child is absent from school;
  • Give time to support learning at home, look after and return school equipment and books;
  • Maintain active communication with the school and an interest in their child’s education by using the home school contact books, attending and contributing to meetings, parents evening and school events.



We will work to establish and maintain good communication, trust and understanding between children, staff and parents.