How will my child be supported throughout the school day?

Children receive support that is specific to their individual needs. This is largely provided by the class teacher and class team. Identifying and addressing children’s barriers to learning is at the core of our offer. Many barriers are addressed through supports which are embedded in our practice.


These include:


·         the use of structure, routine and visual supports

·         cues (including objects of reference, touch and auditory cues)

·         a clearly defined and structured environment

·         a total communication approach, according to individual needs

·         specialist equipment to support physical, mobility or sensory needs

·         school staff with needs-based specialist competencies

·         staff relationships which are enabling and based on trust and respect

·         specialist staff from Local Authority central services e.g. Teacher of the Deaf and Teacher of the Visually Impaired

·         specialist staff from NHS partners, including therapists, clinicians and wheelchair services

·         close multi-disciplinary working with specialists

·         careful and precise on-going assessment