How will we have a dialogue if there are concerns about your child?


  • If you have concerns about your child you should phone your child’s class teacher or write in the home/school contact book
  • If you are not happy that the concerns are being managed, and/or think that your child is not making progress, you should speak to a member of the senior leadership team 
  • You can contact us at any time and ask for a meeting
  • If you are still not happy you can speak to the school SEN Governor



  • If we have concerns we will talk to you on the phone, write to you in the home/school contact book and/or ask you to come in to school to meet with us
  • We have bi-annual parent/teacher meetings where we can discuss your child’s needs and progress
  • Your child’s class teacher will write a report for their annual review. You will be invited to come to a meeting to discuss this. We value your contribution to this process and will plan and set your child’s targets with you