Year 7 Catch-up Premium

Year 7 Catch Up Premium 2019-20

Willow Dene receives a Department for Education funded literacy and numeracy catch up premium for Year 7 students. The purpose of this funding is to support personalised interventions in developing core skills in cognition and communication or literacy and numeracy (as appropriate) at the start of Key Stage 3. In 2019-20, Willow Dene had a far smaller cohort of Year 7 pupils than in previous years and was allocated funding based on the number of children in the October 2019 census (3), so did not include the actual Year 7 intake after tribunals had been held (6) that year. This means Willow Dene received just £1,500 of Year 7 Catch Up Premium for 2019-20.

The 2019-20 Catch Up Premium was spent on part-funding an upgrade to Clicker 8 and replacement Chromebooks for the KS3 laptop trolley. Clicker 8 provides a fantastic tool for supporting literacy, irrespective of children’s starting point. Whether children read and write using symbols, text or a combination of these, Clicker provides a framework for them to record their thoughts and ideas and to share them with others. It is accessible through eye-gaze as well as touchscreen and pointer, meaning that all children at Willow Dene can access content in Clicker. At every stage, reading and writing skills are reinforced by differentiation, checking and analysis tools which let children work with independence and confidence and their teachers capture data on areas that they may need further support with.

Previous versions of Clicker were only available on Windows PC, but the upgrade has enabled us to roll out Clicker to Chromebooks, which have the benefit of offering touch screen access, making it accessible to far more children working simultaneously on a bank of devices.

The impact of these resources will be monitored through hard and soft data analysis, Pupil Progress Meetings and the Governing Body’s Learning and Achievement Committee.