School Dinners

All children in reception, year 1 and year 2 are entitled to a free school hot lunch, paid for by the government. We encourage all families with children in these year groups to take up this offer of a nutritious healthy school lunch. Please see the latest menu below.

If your child has a restricted or medical diet we are able to work with you to ensure that are child’s requirements are met.

If your child is over or underweight we are able to work with you to provide an appropriate diet tailored specifically for your child.

We have recently held a 6 week trial providing blended meals to children who have a gastrostomy. This has been hugely successful and will be offered to children after Easter 2021.

If your child is not in reception, year 1 and year 2 there is a small charge for school meals unless you are entitled to free school meals. Free school meals are based on household income. The cost of a school meal is now £2.59 per day / £12.95 per week. All money should be paid weekly in advance on a Monday morning. Whatever decision you make about the type of meal your child has at lunch-time, we would prefer this decision to last for a block of time ie half a term. However if your child is struggling and arrangements are not working for you then please inform the office so that the kitchen staff are aware. If your child wishes to change, please inform the office who will then provide the kitchen staff with the numbers for the day. If you think you may be eligible for free school meals please check via the link Online FSM Application ( or please speak to the school office to complete a form. Unfortunately benefits cannot be back dated so until the free school meals are agreed you will need to pay for your child’s school lunch. School meals can be paid online through Agora Sims using your unique reference code.

For more information about paying online, please ask a member of the school office.