Sparkly, Coloured Salt

You need:

  1. Salt- As much as you would like your child to play with
  2. Paint or food colouring- As much as you wish to get the desired result
  3. Glitter- A light covering

How to make it:

  1. Pour the salt into a tray and then pour on your choice of paint. Mix the salt and paint/food colouring together until the salt takes on the colour you desire.
  2. Mix glitter into the salt mixture for attractiveness.

How can it be used to support learning:

  1. Isolating a finger
  2. Making horizontal, vertical and circular movements
  3. Tracking a shape as it is made by an adult
  4. Hand awareness- where are their hands and how do they move to touch items?
  5. Knowing that their actions produce a result i.e. Moving the salt by touching it
  6. Exploring different movements/letters/shapes using their finger