Find the Hidden Colours

You need:

  1. A flat tray
  2. A coloured laminated sheet
  3. Salt or shaving foam

How to make it:

  1. Make a coloured sheet that will form the base for your mark making. Four to five colours is usually good in either horizontal or vertical blocks of colour and it is best to laminate this for ease.
  2. Once you have the laminated coloured sheet lay it on a tray and cover it completely with either salt or shaving foam. When the children use their hands to move across the sheet the colours will appear.

How it can be used to support learning:

  1. Tracking as they mark make
  2. Cause and effect
  3. Knowing that their actions produce a result
  4. Hand awareness- where are their hands and how do they need to be moved to create an effect?
  5. Making horizontal, vertical and circular marks
  6. Responding to instructions to draw different shapes, letters, numerals