Tasty treats

This blog is all about food! I have not been able to eat anything with my mouth for a very long time.  All of my food and medicine goes in through my tummy.  In the spring time my Mum noticed that I was starting to lick my lip-gloss off my lips and that I had favourite flavours.  My class team noticed the same during my body care sessions each day. My Mum also noticed that I could smell when food was cooking in my house! My Mum and my class team wanted me to try some tasters in my mouth but this was a big step because it is important to keep me safe and to keep my chest healthy.  My Mum and my staff team, the Dietician, Speech and Language Therapists and I all met together to see if we thought I should try some tasters and the decision was … yes! I can try pureed tasters or yoghurt on my lips and I can lick it off my lips so it goes into my mouth and I can practise tasting and swallowing.  I have tastes that are my favourites like banana and mango.  I also have tastes that I do not like.  I did not like prunes and I kept my mouth tight shut so that no more prunes could get inside! My tasters have been going well and my Mum is happy.  This term I had a very important Birthday party because I am now 13 years old! My Mum cooked lots of Tunisian food like samosas and biryani and brought it to school for everyone to share at my party (and I got to taste my cake).  Everyone enjoyed my Mum’s cooking so much that she is going to come to school for multi-cultural cooking week after half term and show some other classes how to make her special salad.  Last week was the start of Ramadan so there is no smell of cooking in my house when I get home from school. This happens later at night when I am in bed.  At the end of Ramadan it will be Eid and there will be a big celebration and I might get some new clothes.  There will also be lots of special food to share with my neighbours and friends.  I hope this blog didn’t make you all too hungry!