Sports Day 2018

On Friday 8th June we had a whole school Sports Day, which brought together children from both our primary and secondary sites. We haven’t had a Sports Day for a few years, and never one quite like this!

We split the two main communities of our school so that we could best cater for their needs. On the Teviot sports field next to our school we held the Sports Day for our children with ASD and in the sensory garden and surrounding areas we held the Sports Day for our children with Complex Needs.

The sensory garden was filled with different stations, each of which enabled children to explore using different senses. There were five stations in total. Station one was filled with a variety of instruments to experience a range of sounds. This was very loud but lots of fun! Station two had lots of different lights to see and glow sticks too! Station three was bubbles galore! We had bubble machines, bubble ponds, bubble toys, there was bubbles everywhere! Children enjoyed popping bubbles of all different shapes and sizes, trying to pop them before they floated off around our sensory trail. Station four gave everyone a chance to smell all sorts of wonderful and peculiar smells, from herbs and spices to creams and soaps, and even some food. Our final station, station five, was a very popular station as it was filled with lots of different foods and flavours for children to taste, both sweet and savoury. Children collected a scented sticker at each station which was added to a certificate. At the end of all the Sports Day activities, children received a medal for their completed certificates.

Over on the Teviots field, a similar system took place, but instead of exploring different senses at each station, children could participate in a different sporting activity. The activities at each station were varied and gave children the opportunity to try something new or different. The activities on the Teviots field included quoits, bowling, hook a duck, javelin and face painting. Again, children collected a scented sticker at each station and received a medal for their completed certificates.

Towards the end of the morning, some classes participated in races, using a whole range of methods to participate. Other children, classes, friends and family cheered them on as they competed in dress up races, water balloon races and space hopper races, to name just a few. Children enjoyed racing using their gait trainers, wheelchairs, power chairs or by foot, all crossing the finish line with huge smiles!

In addition to our sensory stations, activity stations and races, we also hired a foam party and bungee trampoline for everyone to enjoy. These were so much fun and there was lots of smiling and laughing from both children and adults, covered in foam and soaring high into the sky!

We had an unprecedented amount of support from parents and carers for sports day and feedback has been fantastic – some of you even took to twitter to compliment on how much the morning was enjoyed, how it was so good to share this experience with the children and how great it was to meet and chat with other parents, carers and friends.

The sports day was a huge success and we have many people to thank for being part of it and for making the morning as fun and as special as it was. First of all we would like to thank the adult volunteers from SAP Concur and the children volunteers from Deansfield school and Alderwood school. Our heartfelt thanks go to Morrison’s in Welling and their party shop for donating two wonderful foil balloon arches and to Homebase in Kidbrooke for donating four gazebos. Our thanks to Xcentric Events Limited for the foam party and The Fun Firm for the bungee trampolines and for being understanding and bringing such joy to our children.

It really was an amazing morning filled with fun and laughter. Thank you to everyone that came and joined in, to all the volunteers and Willow Dene staff that helped throughout the day. It was such a fantastic success that we had better start planning for next year!