Food, Glorious Food!

We just wanted to tell you all about the amazing smells and tastes we experienced during our Multi-cultural Cooking Week! A whole week filled with exciting cooking workshops with parents and teachers. We really enjoyed our sensory journey with Six Dinner Sid. Did you know that every night he eats six dinners? We tasted noodles from China and nachos from Mexico all washed down with refreshing ice cream from Italy.
To wind it all up on Friday some lovely children from Bexleyheath Grammar School came in to do some funny food experiments with all of us at Oakmere. We made our own ice cream and got really stuck in exploring gloopy mixtures with our hands. We then travelled to Swingate, with our avocado dip we made earlier in the day, for a shared picnic with all of our friends.
We confidently explored using our senses and it was a great opportunity to try new foods and find out more about our likes and dislikes. One Hedgehog surprised us all by using her tongue to taste the juicy apple and another clearly showed her dislikes of the strong smelling onion by pushing it away!
Thank you to everyone that made the week so enjoyable!
Speak soon,
Hedgehog Class