Jammin' Party!



I am one of the Hedgehogs and at the beginning of the term it was my turn to have a Specialist Interest Afternoon. I love music and have been going to weekly music therapy sessions which I enjoy so much. I had my very own Jammin' party with all of my friends in Year 7 from Dormouse, Pool Frog, Otter and Squirrel Class. I hand delivered the invitations to my friends so they knew what time it started and where to be! I really enjoyed spending time with children from other classes. We laid out lots of different instruments around the hall and put on some of my favourite Disney music to dance along to. We even had some musical stories that people could look at and read together. We laid out instruments for people to explore in different positions. Everyone had so much fun trying out different instruments and making lots of noise. Take a look at some of our favourite photos from the party below!


Speak soon!