Here's What I Have to Say

My mum says I am growing up because I am starting to make my own decisions and communicate clearly about what I like, don’t like, want and need. Everyone around me has noticed this. I know that I can show how I am feeling or what I think and that the people around me will listen and take notice. Here are some examples of how I am using my voice to influence what happens to me.

I have a good awareness of how my body feels and so I can express my opinions about my own medical care. I open my mouth wide if I think I need suction to help my breathing. More recently I have decided that I don’t like the feeling of the mask from my machine on my face. I make an angry face and turn my head from side to side to show that I want it taking off. This is tricky because I need to wear it to stop me getting tired. Instead I am learning about counting down so that I know how long before I can take it off. My class team introduced me to an adult with the same machine as me. She wears a different type of mask which I was very interested in. She told me what it felt like and what was different. I had my photograph taken with her. When I go to my next respiratory appointment, I will take this with me so that I can talk to the doctors about my options for the future.

I am a very sociable person and I have made some new friends this term. I can attract attention when I want to socialise by lifting my arm in the air or turning my head to look at the person I am interested in. I am also able to communicate when I am getting tired and do not want to socialise. After our trip to The Tower Bridge Experience I was really exhausted and told my Mum I needed to rest when I got home. I went straight to sleep and slept the whole night without waking up!

There are lots of things I enjoy in school, particularly stories and drama, noise, music and social events. You will see that my eyes open wide and I look around. I give big smiles. This term I have liked rolling on my side in PE, our dramatic Viking poem and our tumbling tardis game in Play and Leisure. If I enjoy something, I remember it for a long time and will respond if it is repeated. When we do something, I do not like I can also express this clearly. I might close my eyes and turn away, move my hand away or make a sad face. My class team are very quick to notice if I don’t like something. They will change what I am doing until my response changes.

This term was school council. I was very interested in all the agenda items we had to vote on. I expressed my opinion using my facial expression and made choices about people by looking directly at them.

At the moment we are collecting video of my achievements from this term. I like the camera! I will show my video to my Mum so that she can see all the things I have been working hard at and be even more proud of me!