Home Learning Activities

Welcome to our selection of videos and resources for home learning. Our teachers are a modest bunch so these aren't visible to anyone on YouTube (at the moment) - you can only access them through the links here. We will be adding more over time so keep checking in. We'll tweet when new videos are uploaded, making this your online hub for activities and ideas you can either try in your own time, or join in with as the video plays. Enjoy!

Books, Stories and Reading 

A Sensory Journey through the Seasons

Momotaro and the Monster - A magical story


I Ain't Gonna Paint No More - A messy story-song to paint along to!


Communication & Attention 

Tap It Box - An idea for an activity to build children's attention, teach play skills and encourage shared attention

  An Attention Autism ‘bucket’ session


A handful of Attention Games


Dance, Fitness and Exercise 

A high energy dance session with Rachel- Get ready to get sweaty!  
 A short burst of dance/fitness!


Interactive Music Session

Massage and Body Awareness

Body Awareness 1                                                                                           


  Body Awareness 2

Massage Songs                                                                                                


  Massage patterns for children with complex needs


Mark Making

Write Dance (early mark-making)


An Action Story - Body movements linked to story