What Others Say About Us - 2012/13 Archive

2012/13 Feedback:

End of year feedback from parents – July 13

  • A has developed more in the last two years than we ever imagined. That’s all down to the excellent teaching and great communication between the school and home. Going to school is A’s highlight of the day and I know the first few days of school holidays she will be sitting by the door signing for the bus. This school is so right for her and she is proof of good teaching. Many thanks from all our family. Foundation Stage Parent
  • I am so proud of D’s progress. From the age of 3 she had no eye contact and no communication skills. Since coming to Willow Dene D has achieved so much. She loves her school, she is singing, playing with other children and at home she has come so far, Thanks to Willow Dene who have helped her a lot. Foundation Stage Parent
  • M’s progress has been excellent. We are very grateful for all your hard work which has brought him up to this level. His toileting training is fantastic. Thank you for all your support. KS2 Parent
  • My son R started at Willow Dene in January. In the time he has been here he has done so well. He has learnt to swim, to count, and knows his colours. I am so proud of him and want to thank everyone at school who has helped with my son. KS1 Parent
  • E has improved a lot. She is doing well with her education and her behaviour is fantastic. I am so happy with her teacher. Thank you to all of E’s teachers and assistants. KS2 Parent
  • L continues to progress well at Willow Dene, she has come a long way since she started here 2 years ago. The staff in her class have done a wonderful job and I hope L continues to make progress. My ultimate goal is for L to be phased back into mainstream school. KS1 Parent
  • L has come leaps and bounds this year and is now much more independent and confident. He loves reading and is now more chatty too. Thank you to his class. KS2 Parent
  • K’s communication and language has improved since he started at Willow Dene. K’s personal skills have improved; he can now take his shoes on and off and will use his knife and fork to eat. He can tell a story by using the pictures which is amazing. He will sit and listen while you are reading for ten minutes. He has achieved a lot. Thank you for all your hard work. Foundation Stage Parent
  • L has grown confident and sociable with school life. He loves the interaction from staff and children, the activities, being treated as a person included in all aspects of school life that’s presented to him. Some tasks may be more challenging than others, but it’s the confidence that is inspired and promoted through the staff. L drives to do things and taking part makes L the person he has become, happy and cheerful. AT HIS BEST! KS2 Parent
  • I think that N has made tremendous progress in everything he does and can do. The fact that he will sit among others now to interact with staff and others. He shows so much confidence and is happy about coming to and being at school. The change is marvellous. Well done to all the staff. Foundation Stage Parent
  • We are very happy to hear that E is doing great at school. His speech has improved and he feels more confident. When he comes home from school he sings songs and tries to teach us too. He draws more pictures, counts, writes letters and spends more time playing with his toys rather than using the computer to engage himself. We are very thankful for all your hard work. Thanks to all the staff. KS1 Parent
  • F has improved tremendously with his numeracy skills. He can count from 1-200. He can also spell his name and reads letters of the alphabet perfectly. Thanks for your input. KS2 Parent
  • It was nice to see T yesterday; he seems happy and is doing well with his behaviour and sleeping at home. He listens to me at home and if I ask him to do something he will do it. Thank you for all your support in helping T to do well. KS2 Carer
  • I has made a lot of progress since he started at the school. He is more patient and he is learning to wait for things, before, he had no understanding of the ‘waiting’ concept and that created a lot of issues. He is also becoming a lot more aware of others around him. Foundation Stage Parent
  • A in the last year alone has improved so much in all areas. Her mobility now is amazing, just seeing her taking some independent steps is something we never thought we would see. She wouldn’t be where she is today without the hard work of all the staff in her class. KS2 Parent
  • Z has been happier. She understands when she is being spoken to. She tries to interact more with vocal sounds. She is more confident and knows when the bus picks her up that she is going to school. Foundation Stage Parent
  • We are delighted and cannot thank all the teachers and carers at Willow Dene enough. T has made significant progress in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, maths and art and a huge improvement in music. We thank you. KS2 Parent
  • I am very happy with A’s progress which is amazing. He recognises familiar people and understands what they are saying to him. He speaks much more and is singing a lot. He sits down on the chair for a long time. He is toilet training at the moment and he lets me know by suddenly standing up so I know to take him. I am so proud of my son’s progress. Thank you to all his class. KS2 Parent
  • L has made progress in areas such as socialisation whereby he enjoys being chased, and seeks to play with his peers/adults. He is more vocal and is using words appropriately. He is coping better with changes. KS1 Parent


Quotes from Mandy Watson - Improvement Partner (LA Advisor)
Improvement partner report July 2013

‘This has been a consistently outstanding year for the Compass Partnership, characterised by very strong leadership within and across the four schools and increasingly good and outstanding teaching and outcomes for pupils. The school improvement success of the federation has enabled the group to retain and recruit teachers who are, or will soon be, expert practitioners and leaders’

‘The quality first teaching is characterised by high expectation and challenge, well planned and delivered lessons, effective assessment for learning and feedback marking which enables pupils to improve their work. Pupils' positive attitudes and excellent behaviour support their independent learning. Staff model good presentation so that pupils' work is presented to a high standard’

The stimulating learning environments supports the high quality of learning taking place, encourage independent learning, enrich pupils' experiences and demonstrates pupils' pride in their work’

‘The very strong leadership teams across the schools work effectively together and with the executive head teacher to maintain and develop excellent provision for school improvement

OFSTED Report - October 2012:

‘All groups of children make good progress. They achieve well in developing communication skills and make excellent progress in their physical development’

‘The behaviour of pupils is excellent as a result of the high quality care and support they receive and the consistent use by staff of the behaviour management policy’

‘Pupils on the autistic spectrum make good progress in developing social skills and interacting with each other’

‘Teachers have high expectations of their pupils’

‘Pupils enjoy their learning and work hard to succeed because they are given a wide range of interesting activities and sensory experiences’

‘In every area of the school, there are examples of outstanding practice’

‘The close collaborative work with speech and language therapists and other professionals ensures that pupils are taught to communicate in a way that best suits their needs’

‘The school works effectively with parents and carers to improve the lives of pupils both at home and school’